Take 2 and call me in the morning. Inspired by colorful prescription pills. Illustrated in simplified vector art, playful like a kids coloring book. The design includes tonal Night Shift logo repeated in the background. We recommend a full dosage. Sleep tight.

Throw Pillow Details:

  • UV protected and mildew resistant
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor
  • 100% medium weight woven micro-twill fabric

About Our Duvet Sets:

  • Small: 16" x 16"
  • Medium: 20" x 20"
  • Large: 26" x 26"

100% American made

We believe you deserve superior products that are manufactured by a team of creative geniuses in the United States of America.


With all of our products, we offer 100% quality in our ultra-soft, ultra-comfortable and ultra-cool fabrics and materials.

Refined Taste

Our mission is to continuously refine and elevate our products using inspiration and feedback from our community .

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